Business 2 Business Services
We are a small business technical consulting company. Our primary business focus is in the design and development of custom web sites, web-based database applications and client-server applications and database systems. We have over fifty years experience in the the design and development of automated computer systems. Our goal is to provide reasonably priced, quality, state-of-the-art, tailored small business systems solutions. Our fees are very competitive.
Services Offered
- Consulting support for legacy MS-VB 6.0 apps
- Consulting support for legacy MS-ASP web apps
- Re-Write MS-Visual Basic 6.0 apps to VB.Net
- Develop new Visual Basic .Net apps
- Re-Write MS-ASP web apps to ASP.Net
- Develop new ASP.Net web apps
Software Products
Our software products are designed to run on any Windows or Windows compatible platform. These products can be designed to run as either stand-alone or networked applications. The Internet based applications can be designed to run on a personal web server, Intranet application or on the Internet. We offer tailored web site design or full web applications supported by a database. Let us show you how we can meet your small busines needs with a tailored solution which is both fully functional and affordable.
Site Functions
The Current Clients Log-In selection allows current clients to download upgraded software version installations. Requested modifictions to existing software are distributed to clients who are able to install software upgrades. Clients needing assistance with software installations can be accomodated accordingly utilizing remote access.